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We’re a visual content marketing team that is passionate about two ideas.


The first idea is the process of content creation, whether it be videos, photos, design, or a mixture of all, we love what we do.

The second idea we are passionate about is delivering genuine, creative, and beautiful stories for clients and individuals, that align with their values, personalities, and products..

We offer full video and photo production services both in the studio or at your company! Please reach out with questions or inquiries! 



Alex - Creative Lead

Alex is the founder and creative lead of AFW Productions. Born and raised in Oakland, CA, he found his passion for videography during high school and began his professional career there. He has worked with clients both locally and internationally, including Azores Airlines, AirBnB, SF Pride, Sutter Health, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and more.  In addition to content creation, he loves cooking, roasting coffee, and traveling. You can find him with a cup of coffee every day of the week, and is always excited to tell someone's cinematic story. 



JJ - Lead Photographer

JJ is the lead photographer for AFW Productions. He fell in love with making beautiful images in a graphic design class in high school where a teacher inspired him to find a purpose with photography. “Everyone struggles their own insecurities and flaws, so I decided I’d pick up a camera and show them how beautiful they truly are.” Years later he's branched into other subjects such as products, food, and landscapes, but mission is still clear, make whatever is in front of his camera the most beautiful it can be. It’s our goal to give everyone a picture that makes them proud of who they are, or what their brand represents, no matter what.

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Katherine - Lead Videographer

Katherine has been a videographer with AFW Productions since 2017. Raised in the Bay Area, her passion for digital storytelling extends from weddings to documentaries, and is always excited to meet new people and hear their stories. She's won multiple awards for marketing videos and is an expert at social media marketing. On the weekends, she can be found taking videos of her two cats, dancing, and reading books to reach her yearly goal.

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